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You feel stressed and overwhelmed when you think about planning your trip to Disney.

You want to enjoy a magical vacation with your family, but you just wish planning it didn’t seem so difficult and time-consuming.

You don’t want to spend more money than you need to, but you don’t have hours to scour the internet for every possible detail.

I know how you feel. Because I’ve been there too.

I believe you can create meaningful and magical memories without stretching yourself too thin.

With some simple tricks and tools, you can enjoy a family adventure that will live on in your memories for years to come.

Imagine feeling organized and on top of things when you know exactly what to pack, knowing you’ll be prepared.

Imagine being motivated to plan your family’s vacation because you’ll have helpful resources at your fingertips.

Imagine connecting with your family as you share magical experiences together on your dream vacation.

And for those seasons or years when you can’t make it to Disney World?

I’m sharing loads of fun activities, recipes, and more so you can still enjoy the magic of Disney, no matter where you are.

About Chrysti

the owner of Magical Adventure Guide, Chrysti, with her husband at Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

I took my first trip to Disney World when I was in third grade. From the start, I thought it was the most incredible place I’d ever been, and I was hooked.

We went to Disney World for vacation every year until we moved to Florida, at which point we purchased annual passes and went as many times a year as we possibly could.

We’d go on weekends, holidays, and sometimes in the evenings just to eat dinner at a Disney World restaurant or watch the evening fireworks display.

From my 5th grade school project about Disney World, to sailing on the maiden voyage of the Disney Magic cruise ship, to my dad becoming a cast member at the Magic Kingdom’s Emporium, to taking my own three children to Disney World, I haven’t been able to get enough.

Now, as your Magical Adventure Guide, I’m sharing my best tips and tricks with YOU so you can enjoy the magic and wonder as much as I do!

Magical Adventure Guide author with her family at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Start Here:

Vacation Planning Phase

If you’re planning a vacation and want the skinny on the best rides at each park, where to eat during your trip, and how to enjoy holidays at Disney, check out our vacation planning resources.

Packing Phase

Now that you have your trip planned, it’s time to start packing! Check out our travel gear guides and packing resources, which will help you know exactly what you need (and don’t need!) during your stay.

Year-Round Disney Fun

Just because the vacation is over doesn’t mean the fun has to be over, too! With our Disney Fun resources, we’re sharing recipes, crafts, trivia, coloring pages, gift ideas, and more for the Disney lovers in your life.