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Disney Springs Restaurants You Won’t Want to Miss

with fewer distractions at the theme parks, more people are free to discover and explore all of the tasty Disney Springs restaurants and other fun attractions.

brick sign reading, "Disney Springs- Welcome"

Disney Springs restaurants provide quality dining experiences, with fun atmosphere and delicious food! Find out which ones to include in your next trip!

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Disney Springs is the such a fun part of the Disney World experience!

Disney Springs is a fun, family-friendly shopping and dining area that does not charge an admission fee (and parking is free, too!), yet it is an experience in and of itself!

Years ago, it was known as Downtown Disney, but it’s undergone some expansion and renovation since then, and is now known as Disney Springs.

If it’s been a while since you’ve been to Disney (or if you’ve never been!), you’ll be surprised at how awesome this area is!

What is there to Eat at Disney Springs?

Disney Springs has always had too much to offer for visiting guests who have a full schedule of park hopping to do–there just aren’t enough hours in a day, right?!

Now, with fewer distractions at the main event, more people are free to discover and explore all of the fun Disney Springs restaurants and other attractions.

And of course, there are a lot of really great dining options to choose from, which can make it easier to eat healthy at Disney!

Be sure to check out our tips for getting last-minute Disney dining reservations at Disney Springs!

Whether you’re looking for a pre-show meal before heading to Drawn to Life, or you just need an easy and delicious lunch option, we’ve got you covered.

And if you’re planning to start your morning at Disney Springs, be sure to check out the best Disney Springs breakfast options, as many restaurants aren’t open for breakfast.

evening view of several Disney Springs restaurants, including Maria and Enzo's Italian Trattoria

What are the Best Restaurants in Disney Springs?

Disney Springs Restaurants have always been among the best places to dine at Walt Disney World!

Next to Deluxe resort signature restaurants, and the best of Epcot, Disney Springs has contributions that easily rival all of them, especially when it comes to the restaurants of celebrity chefs, known for crowd-pleasing dishes with anticipated touches of sophistication.

Since there are now more opportunities to explore and enjoy Disney Springs, you’ll need more than a few suggestions on where to eat.

And keep in mind that during special holidays or events, such as Halloween at Disney World, limited-edition snacks and treats are often available at Disney Springs.

There are so many options across all different types of restaurants, so these are the best quick service and table service Disney Springs restaurants you can’t miss!

Raglan Road

Raglan Road is a huge must, but it’s not as high profile as some of the newer restaurants.

The Irish themed restaurant serves great pub food and has a solid reputation for working with guests’ special dietary needs.

Not only that, but they offer free live entertainment nightly, including an Irish dance show!

The friendly service, fun atmosphere and delicious food make it a no-brainer when you are wondering where to eat among Disney Springs restaurants.

If you’re enjoying St. Patrick’s Day at Disney World, be sure to check out their fun festival.

You can learn more about Raglan Road and check out their menu here.

The Polite Pig

The Polite Pig is a fast-casual BBQ restaurant at Disney Springs, featuring epic portions of smoked meat and other great tasting food.

They also serve kid-friendly fare such as smoked turkey, chicken tenders, and mac and cheese.

Unlike the high profile restaurants on the Landing, The Polite Pig stands quietly and proudly at the end of the Town Center (close to the fountain), near the Disney Springs Marketplace.

It’s a great place to stop and eat while you enjoy a day of shopping at the many stores in this neighborhood of Disney Springs, and it’s also fairly inexpensive, making it a good value for a family.

You can check out The Polite Pig’s Menu here.

BBQ pork sandwich, similar to what someone could order from the Polite Pig restaurant at Disney Springs in Orlando, FL.

Chicken Guy!

This Guy Fieri establishment is legit. Regardless of what you think about Guy as a TV personality, or as a chef, you are sure to agree that Chicken Guy is a great value and truly good chicken.

You can choose from chicken finger meals or sandwiches and there is even a salad option with chicken.

However you order it, it tastes great, plus the sauces are all really good (there are 20 sauces to choose from!).

Our family really enjoyed this restaurant, because even our pickiest kids will happily eat chicken fingers and/or fries!

One of the best things about Chicken Guy is how inexpensive it is to eat a meal. It’s one of the best values in all of Walt Disney World.

You can check out the Chicken Guy menu here.

MariA and Enzo’s

Italian food can sometimes be a tough sell because it’s so pervasive. Walt Disney World alone has at least 10 Italian-themed restaurants, without even counting pizza places!

So with such a common cuisine, it’s hard to press the issue and say you have to go to this one Italian restaurant at Disney Springs. However, you have to go to this one Italian restaurant in Disney Springs.

Maria and Enzo’s serves delicious Italian food, but it is also right in the heart of the Landing at Disney Springs which is where most of the really creative theming and stores exist.

Because of that, the area is more fun to explore and the aviation-themed atmosphere in the restaurant is even more enjoyable to take in, including stunning views of Lake Buena Vista.

Although it isn’t the least expensive option, it’s one worth checking out. You can see Maria and Enzo’s menu here.

a dish of spaghetti and meatballs similar to what one might enjoy from the menu at Maria and Enzo's restaurant at Disney Springs

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

This love letter to Florida does almost everything locally. The building materials and the food were locally sourced.

It’s a gorgeous little restaurant full of warmth, and the southern-style cooking there is exactly what you would expect from Art Smith.

If you love comfort food or want to try a moonshine specialty cocktail, then there is no getting around a visit to Chef Art Smith’s.

You can check out the Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ menu here.

City Works Eatery and Pour House

This is one of the newer offerings at Disney Springs and it’s on the west side, where there usually isn’t quite as much to offer.

That’s great news if you find yourself on that end of Disney Springs when you suddenly become hungry without any notice!

But this is not just a last-minute luck of the draw. It’s a restaurant to plan for.

The grub is pretty standard at this sports bar type restaurant, but it’s well done. SO if you want “normal” food that is tastier than you would probably expect, City Works would be a fine choice!

You can check out the City Works menu here.

Do Disney Springs Restaurants Take the Disney Dining Plan?

Many guests may not be aware that their Disney Dining Plan can be used at Disney Springs, in addition to restaurants at the theme parks.

This is a great way to ensure you get the most bang for your buck!

You can see a full list of all of the Disney Springs restaurants, including which are Quick Service and which are Table Service, on this list on the Disney World website. However, at the current time, the Disney Dining Plan is unavailable.

Lego dragon in the water at Disney Springs

Dining Options at Disney Springs

These and other restaurants at Disney Springs provide all kinds of value, whether you are seeking out an exceptional culinary experience at Jaleo, or a night of family entertainment at Splitsville.

Even high profile restaurants like T-Rex and Rainforest Cafe, which have mediocre food, deliver in terms of atmosphere and fun for kids.

It’s a good idea to block out plenty of time during your stay at Walt Disney World to make some extra visits to Disney Springs, even if you choose the budget friendly locations at the more family focused Marketplace.

If you’re staying at a Disney resorts, be sure to check out our Disney World transportation tips to find the best way to get to Disney Springs.

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