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Disney Christmas Village: Fabulous Pieces You’ll Love

You’ll love these Disney Christmas Village pieces for their unique and magical feel!

Setting up your own Disney Christmas Village is the perfect way to enjoy the holiday season!

Collage featuring five different Disney Christmas Village pieces

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Are you looking for the perfect addition to your Disney Christmas setup? Then you need to know about the Disney Christmas Village!

The adorable, festive pieces by Department 56 (and officially-licensed by the Walt Disney Company) are just what you need to inject some Disney magic into your Christmas decorations this holiday season.

These pieces are particularly fun when you can’t spend Christmas at Disney World, but you still want to feel the magic at home!

But don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself!

What Makes the Disney Christmas Village So Special?

We will go over all the different reasons to love the Disney Christmas Village and tell you about some of our favorite pieces.

By the end of this article, you’ll be itching to start your very own collection!

The Intricate Details of Each Piece

Disney is known for their intricately-detailed movies, stories, and products, and the items in their Disney Village line are no exception.

Let’s take a look at Mickey’s Ear Factory, for example.

Disney Christmas Village piece, Mickey's Ear Factory

Do you know those Mickey Mouse ear hats you can find at Disney theme parks and stores? Well, this is where Mickey has those iconic Mickey ears made!

And talk about details. You can practically see the whole process on the outside of the building.

From the “Create Your Own Ears” sign, the process starts at the “Stitch-O-Matic.”

Then, it moves to the “Shape-O-Matic,” where the ears begin to take shape.

From there, it’s the “Flock-O-Matic” and the “Ear-O-Matic,” where you can finally see the classic Mickey ear hats that everyone knows and loves.

Department 56 North Pole Village Mickey’s Ear Factory Miniature Lit Building 6.69 Inch
  • Here’s the place where Mickey has all those mouse ear hats made — he knows that getting Santa’s elves involved will make these hats extra special!
  • The piece is crafted of porcelain and is hand painted.
  • It includes a switched cord with light.
  • Disney. Visit the Disney website.
  • Measures 6 by 6 by 6-3/4 inches

As you can see, this porcelain, hand-painted piece is certainly not skimping on the details. And the best part? This is true of all the products in the Disney Christmas Village line!

The Sparkling Lights

If the lights on your Mickey Mouse Christmas tree aren’t enough, you may be looking for another Christmas-themed illumination source.

Look no further than the Disney Village – it features multiple pieces that can light up!

Not only does Mickey’s Ear Factory above come with a cord, but so do other buildings like the Mickey Mouse Gingerbread House.

Mickey Mouse Gingerbread House from Disney Christmas Village

And again, look at those swoon-worthy details! The colorful candies on the roof. The candy canes on the sides. The beautifully decorated Mickey Mouse and Christmas tree gingerbread cookies.

It looks like you can practically break off a piece and eat it yourself (but please don’t – these things are mostly made of porcelain)!

Department 56 Porcelain Disney Village Mickey Mouse Gingerbread House Lit Building, 1.75 Inch, Multicolor
  • DEPARTMENT 56 BUILDING: from the Disney Village collection
  • COORDINATES: with our “Sugar and Spice” accessory figurine (ASIN B084D4ZF7Y)
  • DETAILS AND MATERIAL: meticulously crafted from porcelain and intricately hand-painted
  • POWER FEATURES: piece illuminates using a standard light cord and 120V 6-watt bulb
  • DIMENSIONS: 7. 75 inch height

But anyway, back to the lights. The building illuminates with just a 120V, 6W bulb, and standard light cord, making it easy to get that Christmas-y glow through the windows.

The Christmas Village buildings aren’t the only pieces that light up in the village, though – some of the accessories do, too.

The Accessories

As adorable and detailed as they are, you can’t just have building after building in your Disney Village!

No, it just wouldn’t be complete without the right accessories. And fortunately, there are plenty to choose from in this line.

Mickey Mouse street lights

Since we were just talking about that warm Christmas-y glow, let’s start with one of the light-up accessories, the Mickey Street Lights.

As you can see, the tops of the Christmas lights feature the famous pair of Mickey Mouse ears, making them the perfect addition to your Disney Christmas Village.

And besides, you can’t just leave the paths between your buildings shrouded in darkness – something’s got to light the way for Santa and his sleigh!

Now, you may be thinking: I’m not going to have enough outlets to cover all of these different lights. But don’t worry!

Unlike the corded lights that come with the buildings, this two-piece set lights up using LEDs and a battery box, making them easy to incorporate into your village.

You’re going to need to remember the batteries on your own, though – Two C batteries, to be exact!

Department 56 Zinc alloy, Plastic, Disney Village Mickey Street Lights General Accessory, 4.375 inch
  • Trust genuine department 56 village accessories
  • Special holidays from department 56 since 1976
  • Meticulously hand crafted

Cute as they are, these lights certainly aren’t the only kind of accessory you can add to your village.

If you’re looking for something with a little more charm, then you may be interested in some of the character figurines.

After all, what’s a Disney Christmas Village without an appearance from the mouse himself?

Favorite Disney Characters

It’s not a Disney Christmas Village without some of your favorite Disney Christmas characters! And the people at Department 56 haven’t let you down.

You’ll find lots of different options featuring Mickey Mouse and some of his gang having Christmas fun and enjoying the holiday magic, like this adorable one of Mickey’s Christmas Kiss.

Mickey's Christmas Kiss

This is exactly how the mistletoe experience should go around Christmas time! Look at how delighted Mickey and Minnie Mouse are, dressed in coordinating coats and scarves.

And at just about 2.5 inches, this figure should fit seamlessly into your Disney Christmas Village, as the buildings tend to be around 6 inches tall.

Department 56 Disney Village Mickey’s Christmas Kiss Accessory Figurine, 2.5 inch
  • DEPARTMENT 56 FIGURINE: from the Disney Village Accessories collection
  • VERSATILE: piece can be used with our other Village lit buildings and accessories
  • HAND-PAINTED: details are intricately applied
  • HAND-CRAFTED: from high-quality resin material
  • DIMENSIONS: approximately 2. 5 inch height.Mounting type: Surface

Now, if this is too cutesy for you or you’re simply not a huge Mickey and Minnie fan, then some other character figurines are available that may be more your speed.

Are there perhaps any fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas around?

Jack in Sled

Yes, that is Jack Skellington himself!

He’s doing his best “Sandy Claws” here, setting off into the night with his bag of spooky gifts.

While you can always include this Jack in Sled figurine as part of a specific The Nightmare Before Christmas scene (it’s certainly not the only option from the movie in this Department 56 line), it can also be a great addition to any Disney Christmas Village.

At just about 3 inches tall, it should fit right in with Mickey and the gang – and add just a little spookiness to the holiday season!

More Favorite Pieces from the Disney Christmas Village

Whether you’re just starting your collection or you’ve been slowly building it for years, there are plenty of pieces that would make lovely additions to your setup!

These pieces also make fantastic Christmas gifts for others who might want to start their collection.

From Mickey’s train set to his ski chalet, here are some of our favorite best-selling pieces!

The Disney Christmas Village Is Perfect for Disney Fans, Both Young and Old

It isn’t hard to see why people love the Disney Christmas Village.

The intricately-detailed pieces are not only adorable and festive, but they’re precisely what you’d expect from an official Disney-licensed product.

And while it isn’t entirely necessary, the fact that many of them light up is a nice touch and a great way to add an extra bit of that warm Christmas glow to your holiday decor.

Finally, the accessories and characters are the perfect way to complete your Disney Christmas scene and are sure to delight Disney fans, both young and old. 

So, if you’re looking for a way to add a little extra Disney magic to your home this holiday season, you may consider starting a Mickey’s Christmas Village collection of your own.

You won’t regret it!

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collage featuring six pieces of Disney Christmas Village decor