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60 Fan-Favorite Disney Nail Designs

If these Disney designs for your nails are so much fun! Perfect for a day in the theme parks!

If you’re looking for Disney nail designs, we’ve got you covered with so many perfect ideas!

collage image featuring various Disney nail designs. An overlay reads, "60 Disney Nail Art Ideas"

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Nail art can be such a fun way to express yourself–especially if you’re planning a trip to Disney!

There are so many fun Disney nail designs to choose from, which makes figuring out the perfect manicure a little tricky. 

That’s why we’ve gathered some of our favorite Disney inspired picks. From Disney Princesses to the Aristocats, we’ve got you covered. 

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Fun Disney Nail Designs

We’re breaking down our favorites into categories, including professional designs (show the picture to your nail artist!) and some simpler do-it-yourself options, plus nail wraps and decals.

Pair them with your favorite Disney leggings and Disney family shirts for your trip!

Let’s take a look at these fun Disney nail ideas!

Ideas for Disney Princess Nails

Let’s be honest, we all have a favorite Disney Princess, and it’s often the one we relate to the most. Show her off in these fun designs!

Simple Jasmine Design

These Jasmine nails are a simple yet lovely take on princess nails featuring Agrabah’s leading lady.

Glitter Belle Nails

I love these Belle nails, with sparkly glitter and the subtle rose design!

Sleeping Beauty Pink French Manicure

These sleeping beauty nails are a pink take on a classic french manicure.

Cinderella Glam and Glitter

These Cinderella silhouette nails are my favorite princess option! Beautiful yet simple glitter and white design.

Quirky Rapunzel Nails

If you’re a Tangled fan these nails are perfect.  I love the Pascal design on the little pinky finger!

Belle of the Ball

Here’s another Belle design. This one is so creative and artistic. It really brings out the detail of her iconic ballgown dress.

Jasmine’s Genie Lamp

This is another fun Jasmine option which features a little Genie lamp.

Frozen Snowflake Nails

This design is great for Frozen fans. I love the intricate design of the snowflakes!

Ariel’s Fintastic Nails

The fish fin design on these is a trendy way to display your love for Ariel.  The color contrast is spot on.

Princess Face Nails

Can’t choose just one princess? Here’s a great option for showing off multiple princesses.

DIY Ariel Nails

This Ariel design features a simpler, do-it-yourself approach, but still definitely has such a cute a Little Mermaid vibe!

Tiana’s Glam Nails

These Tiana nails are so pretty in gold accents, and I love the mint green color as well.

Colors of the Wind Nails

This subtle take on Pocahontas doubles as a great manicure for the parks or everyday

Cinderella’s Glitter Nails

Here’s another take on the Cinderella silhouette nails.  This design features bolder colors so you’re sure to stand out. 

Colorful Snow White Nails

These nails feature easy, do-it-yourself designs that capture the essence of Snow White in a simple but fun look.

Disney Pixar Nail Designs

Of course we can’t leave out everyone’s favorite Pixar characters!

Toy Story Nails

These nails are absolutely adorable and I think the Andy nail is so great.

Monsters Inc. Nails

We wear because we care!  See what I did there? 🙂 I especially love Celia!

Up and Away Nails

These nails, inspired by the movie Up, can be done at home and are super cute.

Coco Inspired Nail Design

Here’s some fun Coco nails.  They’re heavy on detail so you may have to go to a professional to recreate this look.

Finding Nemo Nails

This pick is another super cute design that really reminds me of Finding Nemo.

Pixar Mashup Nails

I love how these nails incorporate different movies into the design. Perfect if you can’t choose just one movie to feature on your fingers!

Monsters Inc. Take Two

Here’s another Monsters Inc. design option that includes multiple characters!

Inside Out Nails

I love these Inside out Nails! This is another great do it yourself option.

Toy Story 4 Nails

These nails are so fun and even include the beloved Forky!

A Bug’s Life Nail Design

These detailed A Bug’s Life designs will call for a professional but they’re so cute and worth it.

Disney Villain Nail Ideas

The Disney Villains are the characters we love to hate! These fun designs feature the “bad guys” in all their despicable glory.

Perfect if you’re spending Halloween at Disney!

Evil Queen Nails

The different designs and accents on these Evil Queen nails are sure to be a hit.

Cruella De ViL Nails

These Cruella nails are a great option if you want to do the design yourself. So cute with the Dalmatian spots!

Maleficent Nail Design

This nail art features the most well-known Disney villain of them all–Maleficent!

Multiple Villains Design

If you can’t choose just one villain, these nails are for you!

Ursula’s Tentacle Nail Art

This nail art design is probably my favorite Villain design! Ursula’s tentacles are stunning.

Villain Faces

This design features the faces of multiple Disney villains.

Evil Queen Nails

I love how this design features both faces of the Evil Queen–so spooky!

Glittery Ursula Nails

I love the sparkles on these nails and how it replicates scales. The purple hues and Ursula’s face are classic!

Jafar Nails

This is a fun design featuring Jafar, the snake he turns into, and Iago.

Dr. Facilier Nails

If you’re a fan of the Princess and the Frog, you’ll love these eerie Dr. Facilier nail designs!

More Fun Disney Nail Art Ideas

There are plenty more classic Disney nail ideas to choose from!

Winnie the Pooh Nails

How cute are these? I’ve long been a fan of Winnie the Pooh, and these capture his fun nature.

Lilo and Stitch Nails

Well this is just adorable!

Tinkerbell Nails

The glitter and silhouette in this design is perfect!

Daisy Duck Nails

I love these adorable Daisy Duck nails, especially with her signature bow.

Emperor’s New Groove Nail Art

These are a fun option that are a little more unique!

Aristocats Marie Nails Design

“Oh a rinky-tinky-tinky!” Everybody loves the adorable Marie (she’s one of the most popular Disney cats!), and these nails are simply darling.

Alice in Wonderland Nails

These Alice in Wonderland nails feature the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat, making a super cute design! Perfect for the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party ride.

Hundred Acre Wood Nail Art

I love this Winnie the Pooh design! It’s simpler, so it could be a good DIY option.

collage image featuring six different Disney nail wraps and decals. An overlay reads, "Disney Nail Wraps & Decals"

DIY Disney Nail Wraps and Decals

If you’re looking for detailed Disney-themed nail designs that you can apply yourself, nail wraps and decals are an easy way to achieve a professional look on your own!

Here are some of our favorites.

Toy Story Nail Polish Strips

Disney Pixar Toy Story themed nail polish strips

These non-toxic Toy Story themed nail polish strips are perfect for a trip to Hollywood Studios. Just peel and stick!

Stitch Pink and Blue Nail Wraps

Stitch nail decals with blue, pink, and white backgrounds

These cute pink and blue nail wraps feature everyone’s favorite alien, Stitch!

Disney Villain Nail Wraps

nail polish wraps featuring Disney villains

These nail wraps feature some of the female Disney Villains, making it easy to get a professional look for less.

Disney Cupcake Nail Decals

photo of Disney-themed cupcake decals for nail art

Nail decals are an easy way to dress up regular nail polish, and these Disney-themed cupcakes are so cute!

Tinkerbell Fairy Nail Decals

gold sparkle tinkerbell decals applied to pink fingernails

These gold Tinkerbell decals are perfect for adding to your nail polish for a little bit of fairy flair!

Disney Snacks Nail Decals

Disney snack decals for nail art

The beloved iconic Disney snacks are featured on these easy nail stickers–perfect for wearing to the Disney theme parks!

Winnie the Pooh Nail Decals

Disney nail art featuring stickers of Winnie the Pooh and friends

I just love how cute these Winnie the Pooh stickers are! Such an easy addition to an existing manicure.

Encanto Nail Decals

Encanto themed nail polish stickers

If you’re hosting an Encanto birthday party, these Encanto nail wraps are a must-have! Because these polish strips are longer, these are best for long nails.

Disney Princess Nail Decals

This is an inexpensive set of nail decals featuring the Disney Princesses–great for adults or kids!

Little Mermaid Nail Decals

These Ariel nail decals are super cute and inexpensive!

Cute Mermaid Nail Stickers Kawaii Cartoon Nail Stikers Self-Adhesive Nail Decals for Women Girls Kids Nail Art Stickers (75+Decals)
  • Cute nail art decals set is an ideal gift for your kids to DIY at home, great for your fingernails and toenails decorations
collage image featuring various Disney nail designs for press-on nails

Press-on Disney Nails

These aren’t the press-on nails from the 90s that you probably remember! Press-on nails have made a comeback in recent years, and they’ve really improved over time.

These Disney-themed press-on nail options are fun and easy to apply.

Tiana Press-On Nails

Tiana press-on nails

How pretty are these press-on nails featuring Tiana from The Princess and the Frog? The seller offers different sizes, too, to fit different nail beds.

Jasmine Press-On Nails

Princess Jasmin themed Disney press-on nails

I love the sparkles on these pretty Jasmine-themed nails.

Lilo & Stitch Press-On Nails

Lilo and Stitch press-on Disney nails

These Lilo & Stitch nails just make me happy! Plus, they’re available in multiple sizes.

Little Mermaid Press-On Nails

Little Mermaid Ariel press-on nails

This pretty-in-pink Ariel nail set is delightful!

Disney Character Inspired Press-On Nails

hand-painted Disney character-inspired press-on nails

These hand-painted press-on nails are inspired by many of your favorite Disney characters. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Disney’s Golden Anniversary Press-On Nails

Disney Magic Kingdom-themed press-on nails celebrating the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World

If you’re celebrating Disney World’s birthday (or heck, even if you’re not!), these anniversary nails are simply stunning. They are available in varying lengths, shapes, and sizes!

Celebrating Your Love of Disney with Nail Art

As you can see, there are SO MANY different options for your Disney manicure. 

Whether you choose a more subtle classic twist or go all-out with a more detailed design, you’re sure to be super stylish while sporting your nails.  

Whether you choose to have a professional paint your nails in an intricate design or prefer to have DIY options, you can definitely enjoy cute Disney-inspired nails.

I personally love the nail wraps and decals, because they’re an easy way to wear a more detailed nail design at a lower cost. 

Have fun choosing the perfect design–and if you can’t choose just one, you can always switch it up for your next manicure!

More Fun Crafty Disney Ideas: