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Printable Disney/Pixar Halloween Countdown Chain

This Disney countdown chain is a cute way to anticipate the fun of Halloween!

You’ll love this printable Disney/Pixar Halloween countdown chain, featuring everyone’s favorite monsters!

mockup image showing the pages of the printable Disney/Pixar halloween countdown chain

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If your kids are anything like mine, they are constantly asking, “How many more days until Halloween?”

Perhaps it’s the fun activities and games they look forward to. Or maybe it’s their excitement over being able to wear their new costumes, not to mention the promise of bags full of candy. 🙂

At any rate, I’ve found that having a way for them to count down the days is much easier than me having to constantly answer their daily inquiries.

Similarly to using a Disney advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas, we love using this Monster’s Inc. countdown chain for Halloween!

Click the image to download your Halloween countdown chain!

Printable Disney Countdown Chain for Halloween

What I love about this countdown chain is that it isn’t too spooky, so it’s perfect for little ones who already know and love Sully, Mike, and Randall.

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It could be a fun decoration for a Halloween party, too, after you’ve carved your Mickey pumpkins (along with this list of Disney Halloween songs for your party playlist!).

Not only that, but you can download it for free, then print it out yourself at home.

Simply cut as many strips as you need, staple them together, and voila–you’ve got a Halloween countdown!

Cut or tear one link of the chain off each day as Halloween approaches.

Fun Ways to Use a Printable Countdown Chain

There are several ways to use this countdown chain!

Countdown the days to halloween

Of course, you can use this for counting down to the actual date of Halloween on October 31.

Simply print as many pages as you need and cut and attach the strips!

Countdown to Your Disney Vacation

If you’re planning to spend Halloween at Disney World, you could use this printable chain as a trip countdown for your upcoming vacation.

Use the Countdown in the Classroom

They’re fun to use at home, but you can also use them in your classroom if you’re a teacher.

Truthfully, since the colors aren’t Halloween-specific, you could use this printable Disney countdown chain for any special occasion throughout the year!

Track Progress

You can also use the chain in reverse, as a way to track progress toward a goal! So instead of removing links, you’ll start adding links to the chain as you make progress.

For instance, you can add a link to the chain every time your child does something you’ve specified–then when the chain extends a certain distance, you can give them a reward!

Click the image to download your free Halloween countdown chain!

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