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A Practical Guide to Eating Keto at Disney World

If you’re trying to follow a ketogenic diet at Disney World, these tips and tricks will help you stay on plan!

Eating keto at Disney World doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your vacation! Learn how to stick to your plan at the most Magical Place on Earth.

Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom in Disney World. An overlay reads, "Tips for Eating Keto at Disney"

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There are lots of ways that people approach eating keto at Disney World. Most of it has to do with your mentality about going on vacation or being on a diet.

As with other diets, there is a high level of temptation to give it up during vacation, or just to cheat a little bit. The iconic Disney snacks are always calling your name!

And with many eating plans, taking a break from time to time can provide psychological benefits that keep you on course over the long term.

Unfortunately, that approach is more problematic for people who are actually in ketosis than it would be for other diets.

You can’t just flip a switch because you’re on vacation.

But the good news is, you don’t have to! It’s possible to eat healthy at Disney World and stick to your plan, with a little bit of preparation ahead of time.

Sticking to Your Keto Plan While You’re at Disney

When you’re planning your Disney dining, you’ll want to pay attention to carbs and fat, which isn’t always the easiest thing to do at Disney World.

While Disney is sensitive to dietary restrictions, they are not forthcoming about these particular nutrition facts. In these situations, it’s always better to play it safe and keep guesswork to a minimum.

Many keto followers find that they don’t experience hunger the same way they did when regularly eating carbs, which could mean the temptations of Disney may not be as great as it might seem.

In many cases, you may just not be interested in what’s available, or at least, you will be better equipped to resist temptation than you might think.

But it’s still important to come prepared!

Tips and Tricks for Eating KETO at Disney World

These are a few suggestions to keep you on track during your vacation.

1. Bring A Food Scale

Some people are hesitant to use a food scale in public. But the reality is, nobody else will care. And it’s always better to know your ratios, especially how many carbs you are consuming at any given time.

There are small enough scales that fit in a lunchbox and are ideal for travel. Using these at Disney World is incredibly easy, especially at quick service locations and in your hotel room.

2. Bring Your Own Food

It’s important to pack plenty of food for yourself that you already know inside and out. And yes, you can bring food into Disney World!

As for snacks, everybody should have snacks on hand, not just those on keto. It’s a really smart idea to pack things you will enjoy that you can rip into when you are hungry.

The reality is, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Y

ou get distracted and end up too far from your reserved restaurant, the restaurants nearby are too busy, or maybe you just want something small but you don’t have extra room in your budget…

Whatever the reason, having some easily accessible food is always best for keeping you on budget and in a good mood.

Ditto for keto, but it’s even more of a lifesaver because you avoid all the mystery of what is okay to eat on keto and what isn’t.

Consider bringing your own nuts and seeds, jerky, keto snack bars, etc.

3. Make Use of Food Delivery

Another thing you should do is use those delivery apps. You can order food and have it brought to your hotel very easily.

You can also venture outside of Disney World to the nearby Walmart, Publix, and Target for more food options that are keto friendly to enjoy in your room, especially if you have a vacation villa.

It’s not the most luxurious option, but it’s a good basis to start from, knowing that there are foods available with transparently communicated nutrition facts on the labels.

4. Try This Counter Service Food Hack

Another trick is to bring your own carb-friendly tortillas. You can order Tex Mex at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe (one of the best quick-service restaurants at Magic Kingdom) and swap out their tortilla for your own!

Pecos Bill Cafe at Magic Kingdom in Disney World

You can try similar swaps at other locations throughout the park, so you’re still able to enjoy some of the delicious Disney fare.

Once you feel comfortable with what you’ve brought on vacation with you, you can feel more comfortable about seeing what there is to eat in the Disney Parks.

5. Consider Buffet Meals

Although buffets at Disney World are often fairly pricey, they offer a great variety that can be helpful for those following special meal plans.

For instance, eggs, sausage, and bacon are common staples at breakfast buffets.

For lunch and dinner, you’ll usually find a variety of meat options, cheeses, salads, and other vegetables.

What’s on the Menu for KETO at Disney World

One key piece of advice that is very important is to research all of your restaurant choices before you visit Walt Disney World.

Even if you aren’t on any particular diet, it’s rarely a good idea to just show up and see what happens.

Check Ahead of Time

Planning is integral in every aspect of a Disney vacation and Walt Disney World makes it so easy with posted menus for every single dining location. There are even allergy menus.

You can access these menus on the My Disney Experience app, or on the individual restaurants’ websites.

These menus can be helpful to a degree, but should not be fully relied on for keto-friendly meal options.

When in Doubt, Ask!

The good news is, if you know what you want, the service and kitchen staff are very receptive to your needs.

It’s typically a good idea to run your needs and expectations by the restaurant as you are making a Disney dining reservation.

In some cases, you may be able to consult with somebody before you arrive, but certainly, you will get to speak with them before they prepare your meal.

Know Before You Go

When looking at the menus on the Disney World website, most of it is pretty self-explanatory in the sense that it’s a total no-go for keto.

However, there are things to look for and things to avoid.

Foods to Look For:

  • The Disney World hot dog is both legendary and ubiquitous. Having a bunless hotdog as a quick go-to in nearly any situation is a nice option to have.
  • You can also order hamburgers with lettuce instead of a bun.
  • Many snack kiosks offer hard boiled eggs and cheese plates, which could be good options.
  • Opt for swaps and substitutions when possible, skipping rice or potatoes in favor of vegetables or salads.
Menu sign for Rosie's All-American Cafe, where you can order a hot dog or cheeseburger without the bun as a keto food option

Foods to Exercise Caution With:

  • Although steakhouses are among the most-recommended Disney restaurants by keto followers, be careful when it comes to marinades and rubs. Ask staff how they are prepared.
  • The other popular choice, the turkey leg, is more dubious as it is likely brined with brown sugar.
turkey leg at Disney World, which is not a great keto choice

If you’re planning a Disney World vacation while trying to maintain a ketogenic diet, the most important thing is to be prepared.

Bring your own snacks or low-carb alternatives, check menus ahead of time, and don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself!

Talking with the cast members at quick-service counters or with the chef at table-service restaurants is a fantastic way to get a better idea of what your options are.

There are plenty of ways to still enjoy your vacation and the food that comes along with it!

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