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Kidani Village vs. Jambo House: Which Animal Kingdom Resort is Best?

If you’re planning to stay at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Resort, check out our comparison of two areas worth considering when booking your reservation!

Our comparison of Kidani Village vs. Jambo House will help you decide where to book your stay at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Lodge resort.

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Visiting Walt Disney World is a magical vacation opportunity for kids (and adults!) of any age, especially when staying at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Lodge!

Set on the outskirts of the theme parks, it boasts some pretty amazing views of not only the resort but also its more “wild” neighbors.

If your family is looking for a hotel with animals, the Animal Kingdom resorts have you covered!

Be sure to check out how the Disney payment plan works to make it easier to afford your stay, too!

Kidani Village vs. Jambo House

There are two main lodge guest buildings: Jambo House (located in the main building of the Animal Kingdom Lodge) and Kidani Village, in the Animal Kingdom Villas.

Kidani Village is the Disney Vacation Club section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. It’s located within walking distance of the main Jambo house, but also has its own entertainment, restaurants, and pool.

Both of these locations have perks that your family may enjoy. Let’s compare the two buildings to give you a full picture about what each of them has to offer, so you can choose the best option for your family.

The Décor

Both Kidani and Jambo have  a similar African theme throughout their lobbies, including thatched roof and tribal-type painting on the walls.

There are also many windows in both lobbies that allow you to look out for a peek at some of the animals outside.

The Rooms

Both Kidani and Jambo have rooms ranging in size from studios to two bedrooms.

Some of the Kidani rooms have a view of a watering hole, while some of the Jambo rooms look out to a savanna where giraffes, zebra and antelope can be seen.

Both are an animal lover’s dream!

The general layout of the rooms are similar in size, decor, and amenities, but the major difference is in the bathrooms.

Kidani rooms have larger walk-in showers with a separate tub, while Jambo rooms offer a tub and shower combo.

giraffes on the savanna at animal kingdom lodge

The Pools

Staying cool at Disney World is super important, and the hotel pools are a great way to enjoy a refreshing break from the heat.

Kidani Village has a pool with an exciting play area for the kids, while Jambo has a pool that’s more serene, including a walk-in area (great for littles!) and a slide.

Both pools are themed similarly, have hot tubs, and a bar with snacks and drinks.

The pool areas at both areas are relaxing and the perfect place to grab cool drinks and a quick meal without having to leave the resort or change out of your swim gear!

The Food

Both areas of the resort have great food venues that serve delicious flavors that aren’t found in other resorts on Disney property.

Sanaa is located at Kidani Village and serves unique African and Indian dishes at breakfast, lunch and dinner, includig items like Indian bread services, chicken tandori, samosas, and African-inspired Biryani.

At Jambo House, there’s The Mara which offers quick service food like Tamarind Barbecue Pork Sandwich, Braai Chicken Flatbread, Marrakesh Falafel Platter. The Mara is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Boma is a buffet that offers both African cuisine and is open only for breakfast and dinner. However, the restaurant is currently closed.

Jiko is also a table service restaurant that is located in the main Animal Kingdom Lodge and has unique African cuisine. It’s perfect for a date night!

No matter where you dine, Animal Kingdom Lodge restaurants can’t be beat. They are so unique and the dishes are full of flavor, each meal is an experience!

The Transportation

Both areas of the resort are conveniently located near the Animal Kingdom theme park, and both Kidani Village and Jambo House are on the bus route for all Disney World parks.

view of the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom in Disney World

Hotel Activities

When the hotel is fully open (versus having Covid restrictions) there are free culinary tours of the restaurants that are fun for adults and older children.

Younger kids (and parents!) will enjoy the cultural immersion activities that are at both Jambo House and Kidani Village. Those activities include things like African face painting, medallion rubbing, and pin trading at Zawadi Marketplace.

There are also activities based on the wildlife and preservation programs like animal enrichment, a flamingo activity, wildlife games, and animal viewing at night with the night vision googles.

As you can see, these amazing activities offered at the resort almost make for a “vacation within a vacation.”

The free activities are entertaining for kids and inspire them to collect the beads from all the activities to make up a special souvenir they can take home.

Booking at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas

If you’re a DVC member and your family’s plans take you to the Animal Kingdom Lodge, both locations have DVC rooms you can use your points to book.

Both also have cash rooms for all Disney guests.

If you aren’t a DVC member but would like to stay at Kidani Village, look into David’s Vacation Club Rentals, where you can “rent” DVC points for a stay at a DVC property.

sunset at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in Disney World, overlooking the savanna view

Where Should You Stay?

The atmosphere at both Kidani Village and Jambo House at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Resort transports you to the middle of the African savanna.

You could stay at either area of the resort and enjoy the DVC amenities, Africa theming and feel, and the wonderful dining options.

The truth is, you really can’t lose at either location!

Our Top Pick

But if I had to pick one, Jambo House edges out Kidani Village for a few reasons.

The pool area is more relaxing, plus Jambo House has special events like kids’ activities and African story telling, and more options for themed African feasts.

Along with more dining options, you’ll also find a shop that’s filled with interesting souvenirs to take home, a fire pit, a gorgeous checkers game to play, and so much nature and wildlife–plus you’ll also feel right at home in the Animal Kingdom.

To truly experience everything the resort has to offer, consider booking at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House.

Enjoying Both Kidani Village And Jambo House

But if I can’t convince you to stay at one or the other, then book both! 🙂 A split stay is a great way to see both locations.

You can’t go wrong with either of these amazing resorts. And hotel hopping is always welcome between the two buildings! With just a quick walk between the two, you can be at a whole new pool in just minutes!

I hope this helps you decide which of the Animal Kingdom Lodge & Villas resorts, Kidani Village or Jambo House, is best for your next Walt Disney World vacation.

It’s really a hard choice since both are so great, but both are worth every penny with so many activities, dining options, and theming. I hope you enjoy your stay!

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