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Our Favorite Minnie Mouse Party Ideas + Decoration Tips

Check out these Ideas for a Minnie Mouse party for fun food, decor, favors, and more!

We’re sharing our favorite Minnie Mouse party ideas, which are perfect for a birthday party, baby shower, and more!

collage image featuring various Minnie Mouse party ideas

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If you’re planning a Minnie Mouse party, I have some super cute and fun ideas you can incorporate!

Whether you need some Minnie Mouse birthday party ideas, you’re planning a whimsical wedding shower, or celebrating a baby shower for the upcoming arrival of a baby girl, Minnie Mouse is a popular party theme.

You’ll love how adorable these decorations, party supplies, and other party ideas are.

Minnie Mouse Party Ideas for a Magical Time

From food ideas to costumes to exciting games, you can turn every detail of your big day into a tribute to the lovable Minnie Mouse!

We’re sharing our favorite recommendations to save you time as you’re planning the main event!

Minnie Mouse Food Ideas

What is a party without some food? If you want to kick your Minnie Mouse party up a notch, incorporate Minnie into the food too! There are several ways to do this, so check out the ideas below!

minnie mouse cupcakes for a party

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

You can stick some miniature Oreos or other cookies into the top of a cupcake to add the ears and then use pink frosting.

You can use white sugar pearl sprinkles if you want to add some of Minnie’s signature white polka dots!

Minnie Mouse Cookies

All you need is a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter set and your favorite cookie recipe! This is a great idea for serving on a Minnie Mouse dessert table, or for packing up as edible party favors featuring everyone’s favorite mouse.

Minnie Mouse Cake

Nothing says “Happy Birthday” like a special cake! If you want to make a Minnie-shaped cake, all you need is one large and two small circular cake pans and some chocolate frosting or pink icing.

Or, you can make (or purchase) a regular round layer cake and use this Minnie kit for a stellar creation!

Minnie Mouse Cake Decorating Kit
  • Mix and Match Disney’s Minnie Mouse DecoSet Toppers – You’ll be all ears when it comes to the…

Minnie Mouse Cheese Board

You can make this simple Minnie Mouse cheese platter, using a cookie cutter for fun shapes.

Or, arrange the crackers as Minnie’s head and the cheese as her ears, and you have an adorable appetizer!

Minnie Mouse Fruit Plate

You can arrange the fruit to look like Minnie or use a cookie cutter to make Minnie-shaped watermelon slices. If you’re feeling crafty, this Minnie Mouse fruit bowl is super fun!

Hot Diggity Dogs

If your kids have ever watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, then you know all about the hot dog song! This is a crowd favorite Minnie Mouse party idea.

A hot dog bar is a great kid-friendly food for a party, and this cute sign takes it to the next level!

hot diggity dog sign for a minnie mouse birthday party

Minnie Mouse Party Decorations

If you’re having a Minnie Mouse party, you have to have Minnie Mouse decorations!

See our best ideas for decorating to capture the positive and happy spirit of Minnie below.

Minnie Mouse Bows

A simple way to capture Minnie’s spirit is to put pink or red bows on everything, just as Minnie would! After all, she’s the owner of Minnie’s Bow-tique!

These bow cupcake toppers are so cute, and this bow candle would be a fun addition to a cake!

Minnie Mouse Balloons

You can look for balloons with Minnie on them or just find pink and polka dot ones.

Another fun option is this Minnie Mouse balloon garland, which will really grab attention!

Minnie Mouse Balloon Garland Kit
  • Pink Mouse Themed Balloon Arch Kit: Includes 10…

Minnie Mouse Colors

Minnie Mouse technically has two color themes. Use pink and black (or cherry red and black) for everything, as those are Minnie’s signature colors.

This will play into your Minnie cups, plates, tablecloths, and more. You can get color-coordinated sets, too!

Minnie Birthday Party Supplies
  • You Will Get:20pcs red 9 inch paper plates,20pcs black 7 inch paper plates,20 paper cups and 20…

Minnie Mouse Centerpieces

Having Minnie-shaped centerpieces for every table at the party is a fun way to add some flair to the room!

You can make your own, or you can purchase some that are already made.

minnie mouse centerpieces available for purchase on etsy

Minnie Mouse Costumes

If you’re having a Minnie Mouse party, why not encourage everyone to take on the spirit of this beloved character! Dressing up is so much fun!

From simple to elaborate, these ideas are a great way to get your guests in the Disney spirit, with all things Minnie Mouse.

Festive Minnie Mouse Party Hats

All your guests can feel like Minnie Mouse with some lovely Minnie party hats!

Amscan Minnie Mouse Forever Pink & Black Cone Hats – 7.25″ x 6.5″ (8 Pcs) – Vibrant Foil & Paper Party Accessories for Kids Themed-Parties & Events
  • MINNIE MOUSE FOREVER PINK & BLACK CONE HATS – Celebrate your child’s special day in style with these adorable 7.25″ x 6.5″ Minnie Mouse themed cone hats; perfect for any kids themed-parties and events.

Minnie Mouse Hair Bows

Buy a large pack of red, pink, or polka dot hair bows for your guests to wear during the party, just like Minnie.

Mouse Ears Hair Bow Clips
  • Package included: 4pcs mouse ears hair bows, well packaged and suitable for gift.

Minnie Mouse Ears

You can buy Minnie Mouse ears online and pass them out to your guests at the beginning of the party to make things fun.

Everyone loves a pair of Minnie Mouse ears, and this inexpensive set of 20 is perfect for a party!

Minnie Mouse T-shirts

You can find adorable Minnie Mouse t-shirts for the birthday girl.

If your budget allows, you could give one to all your guests so they can wear them during the party–this can double as a party favor.

minnie mouse t-shirt for a party

Minnie Mouse Costume

If you want to go all out, the birthday girl can dress up like Minnie (the party guests can, too, if you want a party full of Minnie Mouses)!

Minnie Mouse Games and Activities

Every good party needs some fun games to keep everyone entertained. Below are some classic party games with a twist to fit the Minnie Mouse theme and keep your party guests on their toes.

  • Pin the Nose on Minnie: Instead of pinning the tail on the donkey, guests will try to pin Minnie’s nose on her face while blindfolded with this classic game.
  • Minnie Mouse Pinata: You can buy a Minnie Mouse pinata and fill it with candy for kids to try and get out of it.
  • Minnie Mouse Says: This is like Simon Says, but it’s what Minnie says! This Minnie game is even better if you can mimic Minnie’s distinct voice.
  • Join Minnie’s Dance Party: This is like the game Freeze. When Minnie’s music stops playing, you have to freeze in place, or you’re out.
  • Cat and Minnie Mouse Hide and Seek: For this, you need cat ears and mouse ears, and the cats seek while the mice hide!

Minnie Mouse Party Favors

One of the best parts of kid parties is sending little friends home with themed party favors or the little ‘goodie bag’.

We’re sharing some of our top picks from some fantastic Etsy sellers and Amazon to get you started.

First, you’ll need to start with some Minnie Mouse party favor bags. There are so many precious Minnie Mouse party favors you can fit into a Minnie Mouse-themed bag to finish your party on an exciting and happy note.

collage image featuring four different Minnie Mouse party favor ideas, including coloring books, straws, temporary tattoos, and candy

The Fun of a Minnie Party

Few things in this world are cuter than a Minnie Mouse-themed party, so hopefully these ideas will help you throw the best one ever!

And don’t be afraid to get creative and stick ears on anything you can think of to make every aspect of the party special for the little kid who loves Minnie so much.

While parties may seem costly, many of these ideas can be done at home or only cost a few dollars to execute, so you can have a spectacular Minnie party on a budget.

Choose an amazing Minnie Mouse party idea or two and get started planning for your special day!

More Fun Disney Party Ideas

If you want some more Disney-themed party ideas, I have some good ones for you!

Adding a theme to any party will make it more special and memorable, so consider decking out your party with one of the Disney themes below to make it super fun for kids and adults.

Mickey Mouse

You can apply most Minnie Mouse ideas to Mickey, just switch from her hairbow to his bowtie and use yellow and red instead of pink and yellow.

This theme is also perfect if you’re having a dual birthday party for a little boy and a little girl. Be sure to print some Mickey coloring pages as a fun party activity.


If your kids love Encanto as much as ours do, check out our Encanto birthday party ideas!

We also have some fantastic Encanto food ideas and have a list of the best Encanto party games to help get you started. Be sure to print some Encanto coloring pages, too!

Turning Red

Older kids and tweens will love a Turning Red birthday party!

There are a lot of ways to incorporate the color red, as well as other elements from the movie.


If you want an under-the-sea themed party, you’ll love these ideas for a Luca birthday party!

The possibilities are endless with fun decorations, cakes, party favors, and more.

Be sure to save this to your party planning board on Pinterest!

collage image featuring various Minnie Mouse birthday party ideas