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How to Deal With Motion Sickness at Disney World

Don’t get motion sickness during your Disney trip! We’re sharing rides to avoid and ways to prevent unpleasant symptoms.

These tips and tricks for preventing motion sickness at Disney World are key to enjoying a magical vacation!

Guests ride Expedition Everest roller coaster at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Disney World

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Are you planning a magical trip to Walt Disney World but you’re worried about the possibility of motion sickness ruining your experience? 

Fear not!

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of motion sickness and why some individuals are more susceptible to it than others.

Most importantly, we’re sharing how you can prevent and manage it while enjoying the exhilarating rides at Disney World. 

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a Disney theme parks enthusiast, these tips and tricks will help ensure that motion sickness doesn’t get in the way of your magical adventure.

Understanding Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is a common condition that occurs when there is a disconnect between the motion perceived by your eyes, inner ear, and body. 

The brain becomes “confused” by conflicting signals, resulting in symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and cold sweats. 

While motion sickness can affect anyone, some individuals are more prone to it due to various factors such as age, sensitivity, genetics, other medical conditions, and previous experiences.

Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Identifying Ride Types That May Trigger Motion Sickness

At Disney World, where imagination comes to life through thrilling rides, it’s important to be aware of the types of attractions that may trigger motion sickness. 

High speeds, big drops, sharp turns, large screens, a spinning ride vehicle, jerky ride, or motion simulator ride can cause symptoms. 

Here are some common types of rides known for their potential to induce motion sickness:

Roller Coasters or High Speed Rides

These high-speed rides with sudden drops, twists, and turns can be a challenge for those susceptible to motion sickness.

  • Space Mountain
  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Expedition Everest
  • Rock n’ Roller Coaster
  • Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  • Slinky Dog Dash
  • Test Track
Expedition Everest ride at Animal Kingdom in Disney World

Simulator Rides

Virtual reality or 3D motion simulation rides that mimic real-life movements can cause disorientation and trigger motion sickness.

  • Star Tours
  • Soarin’
  • Avatar Flight of Passage
  • Mission: Space
  • Dinosaur
  • Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run
Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run at Hollywood Studios

Spinning Rides

Attractions that involve spinning or rotating motions, such as teacup rides or spinning coasters, can disrupt balance and equilibrium.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind
  • Mad Tea Party
  • Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance
  • Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway
  • Astro Orbiter
  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant
  • Magic Carpets of Aladdin
  • Alien Swirling Saucers
  • TriceratopSpin
Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios

3D Attractions

3D attractions featuring visually immersive experiences can provoke motion sickness in certain individuals. The shows that don’t involve guests moving are less likely to cause symptoms, but may still elicit unwanted effects in sensitive individuals.

  • Muppet Vision 3D
  • Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure
  • Mickey’s Philharmagic
  • It’s Tough to Be a Bug
Muppet Vision 3D attraction at Hollywood Studios in Disney World

Detecting and Avoiding Motion Sickness-Inducing Rides

To ensure a smoother experience at Disney World, it’s essential to detect and avoid rides that may trigger motion sickness. 

Here are some tips to help you navigate the park without encountering unwanted symptoms:

1. Research Ride Descriptions

Before venturing onto any attraction, read the ride descriptions provided by Disney World.

Look for keywords like “fast-paced,” “spinning,” or “virtual reality” that might indicate a higher likelihood of causing motion sickness.

Check signs posted outside the rides as well, which may issue warnings for motion sickness.

2. Start with Mild Rides

Begin your day with slower, less intense rides to gauge your tolerance.

Then, depending on how you handle them, you can gradually work your way up to more thrilling experiences throughout the rest of the day.

3. Observe Others

Pay attention to the reactions of fellow park visitors on specific rides.

If you notice people exiting a ride looking pale or uneasy, it may be best to avoid that particular attraction.

4. Consult Cast Members

Disney World’s knowledgeable cast members are always ready to assist you.

Don’t hesitate to inquire with a cast member about rides that are gentle on the stomach or to seek their advice on managing motion sickness.

Space Mountain ride side issuing a warning for guests prone to motion sickness

Preventing Motion Sickness

First, if you suffer from motion sickness, it’s definitely advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before using any motion sickness pills.

This is true for anyone, but especially if you have specific medical conditions or are taking other medications.

If your provider gives the okay, tuck a couple of these into your backpack for Disney World.


One highly recommended solution for managing motion sickness is Dramamine. 

This over-the-counter motion sickness medicine helps alleviate symptoms and provides relief for those prone to motion sickness.

You can purchase it in less drowsy or non-drowsy formulas, if needed.

Do keep in mind that if you’re going to be drinking alcohol at Disney, it’s not advised to mix regular Dramamine with alcohol.

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Scopolomine Patch

Scopolomine patches are applied to the skin and can generally stay there for three days, helping to prevent motion sickness symptoms for the duration.

These patches are only available by prescription, so your healthcare provider would need to prescribe them for you.

As with Dramamine, it’s not recommended to drink alcohol while using scopolamine.

Motion Sickness Glasses

A non-medication tool to consider for preventing motion sickness at Disney World is a pair of motion sickness glasses.

These glasses use special lenses that help reduce the effects of motion sickness by helping you focus on non-moving objects, which can help minimize the feeling of nausea associated with riding fast-paced attractions.

They have mixed reviews–some users say they help to an extent, but do not completely eliminate symptoms.

They won’t win any fashion awards, but they’re fairly inexpensive, so they may be worth a try!

NEOISM Anti Motion Sickness Glasses Relieve Carsickness Airsickness Seasickness Glasses Light Portable Nausea Relief Glasses for Travel for Adults or Kids 5.9 in/5.24in/2.05in M Size, M+ Black Bag
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  • Design Rationale: The level of the liquid in the ring changes according to the movement of the vehicle and creates an artificial horizon in the user’s field of vision, thereby resynchronizing the eye with the balance system. The operation is simple, safe, and has no side effects.


Many people also have success with ginger chews or ginger candies to help with motion sickness.

Ginger has long been considered an alternative medicine modality for improving or preventing motion sickness.

Dramamine Ginger Chews, Nausea Relief Soft Chews Lemon-Honey-Ginger, 20 Count
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  • The only ginger chews with a clinically tested dose of ginger (extract equivalent to clinically tested dose of powdered ginger for morning and motion sickness)
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Sea-Bands are a type of accupressure band that can be worn around the wrist and may help to prevent symptoms in guests.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, applying pressure to certain areas of your wrist can help to alleviate nausea.

These inexpensive bands are non-medicated and washable, so you can reuse them many times.

Sea-Band The Original Wristband Adults – 1 Piece
  • Acupressure Technology: The wristbands utilize the principles of acupressure, a traditional Chinese therapy, to alleviate nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness. Each band contains a small plastic stud that applies gentle pressure to the Nei-Kuan acupressure point on the wrist, believed to relieve discomfort and restore balance in the body.
  • Drug-Free Relief: Unlike traditional motion sickness medications that may cause drowsiness or other side effects, Sea-Band Original Wristbands offer a natural and drug-free approach to managing symptoms. They provide effective relief without the risk of adverse reactions, making them suitable for adults seeking a safer alternative.
  • Comfortable and Adjustable: Sea-Band Original Wristbands are constructed from soft, elasticated fabric that conforms to the contours of the wrist for a comfortable fit. The bands are adjustable to accommodate various wrist sizes, ensuring a snug yet non-restrictive fit for optimal effectiveness.
  • Waterproof and Reusable: Designed for use during water-based activities such as boating or snorkeling, Sea-Band Original Wristbands are waterproof and durable. They can be reused multiple times, making them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for frequent travelers or outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Portable and Convenient: With their compact and lightweight design, Sea-Band Original Wristbands are easy to carry in a purse, pocket, or travel bag, making them readily available whenever motion sickness symptoms arise. They are suitable for use during long car rides, boat trips, flights, or any other situation where motion sickness may occur.

Tips to Lessen Symptoms

In addition to using medication or motion sick glasses, here are some additional tips and tricks to help mitigate motion sickness symptoms at Disney World.

1. Choose the Right Seating

Opt for seats that provide a more stable experience.

In roller coasters, sitting in the middle or front tends to be less disorienting compared to the back.

For attractions that include a large screen, consider sitting near the middle of the screen.

2. Focus on the Horizon

During the ride, try to maintain your gaze on a fixed point in the distance, such as the horizon.

This can help stabilize your visual perception and reduce the chances of experiencing motion sickness.

3. Take Breaks

Incorporate short breaks between rides to give your body time to adjust and recover from any potential motion sickness triggers.

It’s okay to stop and rest in between rides, or simply plan a non-moving attraction in between the more intense rides.

Our list of the best live shows at Disney World is a great place to start if you want to plan for some down time.

4. Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can exacerbate symptoms, so be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

It’s a good idea to bring a refillable water bottle to keep on hand. You can also request free ice water from any quick service restaurant!

5. Don’t Ride on an Empty Stomach

It’s best to have a light snack or meal before riding. Riding on an empty stomach can worsen symptoms.

However, you don’t want to ride after eating a particularly heavy meal.

Since you can bring food into Disney World, pack yourself some easy snacks (think bananas, granola bars, etc.) if needed.

Alien Swirling Saucers at Hollywood Studios

Motion Sickness at Disney World

When it comes to enjoying your Disney vacation, motion sickness doesn’t have to get in the way of your magical adventure. 

​If you suffer from motion sickness while in the parks, head to the First Aid Center (there’s one in every park), where you can obtain medication if needed.

Following these tips and tricks can help prevent and manage motion sickness symptoms for a fun-filled experience during your much awaited visit to the happiest place on Earth! 

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