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Non-Alcoholic Star Wars Drinks for the Whole Family

Want some Star Wars drinks without alcohol in them? We’re sharing our favorite family-friendly recipes!

These deliciously fun non-alcoholic Star Wars drinks are beverages young and old alike can enjoy.

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As fans of Star Wars, we all love to immerse ourselves in the world of Jedi, Sith, and spaceships. And what better way to do that than by enjoying some delicious Star Wars-themed drinks?

While many of the classic Star Wars beverages may be alcoholic, there are plenty of non-alcoholic Star Wars drinks that families can enjoy together.

We’re sharing some of the best Star Wars themed drinks that families can make, complete with links to recipes.

Now you can mix up something delicious for a movie night, a Star Wars themed party, or any other time you need a refreshing Disney themed beverage.

Star Wars Drink Recipes

When it comes to entertaining droids, wookiees, and other galaxy-far-far-away inhabitants, these drinks are a great way to provide a memorable experience.

Whether you serve them for a crowd or as a special treat for the kids, there’s an option for even the dark side.

Bantha Blue Milk

First up, we have the famous Blue Milk from the Star Wars franchise. This drink has been featured in several Star Wars movies, and is a staple in the Star Wars universe.

The drink is said to be a favorite among the visitors to Tatooine, and is known for its blue color.

While the exact recipe for Blue Milk is a closely guarded secret, this popular recipe creates a creamy milkshake-style beverage with a signature blue hue.

Green Milk

This Galaxy’s Edge copycat Green Milk recipe is another signature Star Wars beverage you’ll love.

This drink is made using a mixture of coconut milk, rice milk pineapple juice, fresh orange juice and green food coloring, which gives it its distinctive color.

With its sweet, fruity flavor, it will become a popular choice for movie nights or other special occasions, as it’s so easy to mix up and is sure to delight Star Wars fans of all ages.

Tatooine Sunset

This refreshing beverage is a staple at Galaxy’s Edge in Disney World and Disneyland.

Made with lemonade, tea, and fruit syrups, its appearance is reminiscent of the sunset on Tatooine.

This Tatooine Sunset recipe is super easy to make and disappears fast!

Jabba Juice

Next, we have Jabba Juice!

This popular drink features a classic character in Star Wars movies—Jabba the Hutt. Jabba Juice is a slushy beverage that packs a real punch and looks as good as it tastes.

To make your own Jabba Juice, you’ll need some green sports drink, lemon lime soda, and lime sherbet.

It makes a refreshing drink for any Star Wars watching party!

Yoda Soda

For those who prefer something a little more refreshing, there’s the Yoda Soda.

This drink is named after the beloved Jedi Master, and is a bright green color that is reminiscent of Yoda’s hue.

Yoda Soda is a simple drink that can be made with just a few ingredients, including lemon-lime soda, lemon popsicles (a drink and a snack!), and whipped topping.

Add a fun lightsaber straw and you’ll have a drink all the Jedis will love!

BB-8 Punch

Another refreshing Star Wars drink is the Star Wars BB-8 Punch. This drink is named after the lovable droid BB-8, and is a fun and festive way to celebrate your love of Star Wars.

BB-8 Punch is made with a blend of orange soda and lemon-lime soda, mixed with frozen limeade and is garnished with orange sanding sugar.

Darth Vader Hot Chocolate

Last but not least, we have the Darth Vader Hot Chocolate.

This drink is perfect for those chilly nights when you want to snuggle up and watch your favorite Star Wars movies.

Darth Vader Hot Chocolate is a rich and creamy hot chocolate that is flavored with dark chocolate and more chocolate.

The drink is then topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with black sanding sugar to create a nod to Darth Vadar’s favorite color.

Star Wars Themed Drinks that are Non-Alcoholic

As you can see, there are plenty of non-alcoholic Star Wars drinks that families can enjoy together, and we hope this list has given you some ideas for your next movie night or themed party.

From the famous Blue Milk to the refreshing Yoda Soda, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

These drinks are not only fun and festive, but they’re also a great way to bond with your family and share your love of Star Wars.

So the next time you’re planning a Star Wars movie night or party, be sure to try out some of these delicious recipes.

May the Force be with you!

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