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20+ Best Turning Red Coloring Pages

These free printable coloring sheets feature all your favorite characters from Turning Red!

Enjoy loads of fun with these free Turning Red coloring pages! Print at home and bring the characters to life with this enjoyable activity.

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If you’ve seen the Disney Pixar film Turning Red, you know what lovable characters Mei and her friends are!

Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures outdid themselves with this familiar story of change and belonging.

Kids and adults alike can relate to the coming-of-age story of Meilin Lee, also known as “Mei,” whose strong emotions cause quite a stir.

She and her quirky friends remind us of what it’s like to be in the unfamiliar territory of middle school, navigating the chaos of adolescence.

Perhaps you relate to feisty and intense Abby, mellow and stoic Priya, or fun-loving and supportive Miriam.

Maybe you see yourself in Meilin, the dorky 13-year-old, who yearns to play the role of her mother’s dutiful daughter while also not letting down her friends.

Or perhaps you just find yourself loving the adorable, giant red panda!

Turning Red Printable Coloring Pages

The unfortunate reality Mei faces in the new original feature film is that her big emotions cause her to transform into a version of herself she doesn’t recognize at first.

Over time, through the love and support of her friends, and ultimately through working things out with her protective mother, she realizes the red panda form is very much a part of who she is.

Whether you have the 4-Town boy band song “Nobody Like U” stuck on repeat in your head, or you relate to the struggles of an adolescent feeling the pull between her friends and her family, you probably love the memorable movie!

If your child is enthralled with the storyline, characters, and of course, the red pandas, they’re going to love these Turning Red coloring pages!

These printable activities would be a fun addition to a Turning Red birthday party, or a nice way to pass some time on a regular afternoon.

Free Printable Turning Red Coloring Sheets

We’re sharing some of our favorite activity sheets featuring your favorite Turning Red characters from the Disney Pixar movie.

Whether you’re hosting a Turning Red party where you watch the movie on Disney Plus with family and friends, or you just want to enjoy coloring some of the main characters, you’ll love these free printables and activity pages.

Kids of all ages will enjoy spending some time with a free printable coloring page featuring the characters we’ve all grown to love, from Mei’s friends to the 4-Town guys to your own red panda ears!

Turning Red Coloring Pages

These Turning Red coloring sheets feature all of your favorite characters from the Disney Pixar film!

I do not own these printable coloring sheets featuring characters and images from Pixar’s Turning Red. That’s why you can print each of these fun coloring sheets directly from the sites providing them. The different coloring pages featured above are free for personal use, so print away! 🙂

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collage image featuring various images from Turning Red coloring sheets