Disney World Wait Times – How To Plan Your Day

If you want to Decrease time spent waiting in lines, you’ll love these tips!

Our guide is designed to help you cut down on Disney World wait times, avoid long lines, and make the best of your Disney trip!


If you’re really looking for a way to cut down on wait times, then purchase the Disney Genie+ service and/or an individual lightning lane entry pass.

Ask a Cast Member

If in doubt, you can ask the cast member stationed at the entrance of the queue. They’re usually familiar enough with the average waits that they can tell you if it’s a good estimate or not.

Games And Snacks While Waiting in Disney Lines

If you’re going to Disney with toddlers or young children, there are a lot of fun games you can employ to keep everyone entertained.

Prepare for the Heat

Although many attractions have indoor queues, there are still several rides that have at least a portion of their line outdoors.

Enjoying Disney World Despite the Lines

Opening your mind to every area of the park and enjoying it is one of the best ways to keep your Disney World vacation action-packed.

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