Space Mountain: Height Requirement & Other Fun Facts

Learn all of the fun facts and height requirement for Space Mountain at Walt Disney World.

With too many attractions to count, Walt Disney World Resort is a vacation destination designed for the thrill ride lover.

How fast does Space Mountain go?

The attraction reportedly reaches speeds of up to 28 miles per hour.

What is the average wait time for Space Mountain?

The average wait time for Space Mountain is about 30-60 minutes. Depending on the crowds, these times can vary.

Does Space Mountain go upside down?

No, Space Mountain does not go upside down. However, there are several sharp turns and drops that might make it feel like your stomach flipped upside down!

Ride Height Requirements

Riders must be 44 inches tall or taller to ride, and those with heart conditions or other health problems should not ride. This is for guest safety.

Who shouldn’t ride Space Mountain?

For safety reasons, because of the darkness and high speeds, Space Mountain is not recommended for those with heart conditions or other health problems.

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