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What to Wear to a Disney Audition

If you’re wondering how to dress for a Disney audition, we’ve got you covered with these suggestions!

Choosing what to wear to a Disney audition doesn’t have to be stressful–these guidelines can help you look and feel your best for the big day.

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If you’re auditioning for a role at The Walt Disney Company, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed.

Sure, you know your lines and you’ve practiced your song or monologue until it’s perfect.

But what about the outfit?

Choosing the right clothes for an audition is just as important as nailing your performance. It can help set the tone for the entire interview, so make sure to put some thought into it!

If you’re wondering, “what do you wear to a Disney audition?,” keep reading to find out! 

What is a Disney audition?

A Disney audition is a special event that takes place when a company or organization needs to fill specific roles or positions within their organization.

This can be for roles within the Disney theme parks and resorts around the world, the Disney Cruise Line, etc.

At Walt Disney Company, auditions are held for both performers and non-performers alike.

While the audition process can be quite intense and competitive, it’s also a great opportunity to show off your talents and get your foot in the door at one of the world’s most famous companies.

If you’re planning to audition to be a Disney character, be sure to check out the height requirements for Disney characters

Disney sets these guidelines to ensure the characters match their heights from the movies as much as possible.

Rapunzel, Goofy, and other characters performing in a stage show at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

What Should I Wear to a Disney Audition

Here are some tips and suggestions for preparing for a Disney audition, including what to wear for the big day.

Do Your Research

First things first, do some research on what kind of character you are auditioning for.

If it’s a classic Disney princess like Cinderella or Snow White, chances are you won’t need to wear anything too outrageous.

Stick with something simple but elegant and be sure to keep any accessories minimal. In fact, Disney specifically advises that you avoid wearing hats or costumes.

If it’s a more modern role like Moana or Elsa from Frozen, a casual outfit will do just fine. Think jeans and a nice blouse or even a t-shirt and leggings if that works better for your character.

Be Yourself

No matter what type of character you’re trying out for, remember that it’s always best to be yourself!

Don’t try too hard to fit into someone else’s idea of how you should look, just aim to express who YOU are through your clothing choices.

This goes for makeup, too! Disney recommends keeping a natural look.

This can be especially helpful if you’re auditioning for an animated feature, because being comfortable in your own skin will shine through in your performance.

Think Practically

Auditions can sometimes last several hours, so make sure that whatever you choose is comfortable enough to wear all day long!

You don’t want to have to worry about adjusting straps or tugging on skirts when all eyes are on you during callbacks.

Choose shoes that won’t hurt after standing around for hours and make sure everything fits properly before leaving the house.

You’ll also want to bring a sweatshirt, sweater, or sweatpants with you to help you stay warm, as the air conditioning can be quite cool in some spaces.

Take Style Cues from the Characters

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s incredibly important to look at your character’s style in the movie or show you’re referencing.

Some roles are more modern-day, while others are set in medieval times; some characters love bright colors while others prefer more muted shades.

Take this information into account when planning your outfit so that you can look like you belong in the world of Disney!

What should you wear to audition for a dancing role at Disney?

When auditioning for a dancing role at Disney, it is important to choose clothing that is comfortable and allows you to move easily (non-restrictive is important!).

This may include leggings, dance pants, or casual skirts and tops.

For shoes, be sure to wear tennis shoes or dance shoes, unless your specific audition requires a certain type of dance shoe (tap, ballet, etc.).

You should also consider including accessories that are appropriate for your character, such as ribbons or headbands for a princess or jewelry for a more modern character.

And because anything can happen, expect the unexpected! Bring along extra tap screws, tights, Band-Aids, etc.

performers at Disney's Festival of the Lion King at Animal Kingdom

What should you bring to a Disney Audition?

  • A photo of yourself that clearly shows your face.
  • If you’ll be singing, bring printed music bound in glare-free sheet protectors (not loose sheet music). Choose music you’re comfortable with from a variety of genres.
  • If you’re auditioning for an on-stage role, bring prepared monologue.
  • When auditioning for a musician role, be sure to bring your instrument (tuned and warmed up!) and a variety of music in different genres. Be prepared to improvise, too.
  • A current resume detailing any professional training, acting experience and/or vocal training and experience that you have.
  • A water bottle and any snacks or materials that you may need to stay fueled throughout the audition process.
Prince Adam and Belle in the Beauty and the Beast stage show at Hollywood Studios

When should you expect to hear back from a Disney audition?

  • It is difficult to predict exactly when you will hear back from a Disney audition, as this can vary depending on the type and scope of the role that you are seeking.
  • Some auditions may result in an immediate callback while others may take several weeks or months. This can depend on the timeline of the project.
  • In general, it is best to stay patient and keep your spirits up during this time, as this can be a stressful and challenging experience. The team will call or email you if they are interested.
  • If you do not hear back from Disney within a reasonable time frame, you may want to consider reaching out to inquire about the status of your audition, or updating your resume and submitting it to other casting directors in the industry. Be sure to check out new roles that may have become available, too!
Alice in Wonderland greets a child at a character meet and greet in Disney's Epcot

Dressing for Your Disney Audition

The key takeaway here is that there isn’t one right answer when it comes to dressing up for an audition at Disney, it all depends on the role!

Be confident in your own style while still keeping in mind who the characters are and how they’d dress if they were real people. 

Remember to think practically and wear something that will be comfortable all day, no matter how long the process takes. 

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